Twitter and Microblogging: to the Domain of Brevity

We are in the era of “little time” and in a hurry. Harassed by a vertiginous reality that encourages us to act without giving room for waiting, much less slow reflection.

Unlike previous times, in which decisions took years to make and, according to what history lets us glimpse. Centuries had to pass to show the variations; the present directs us to the instantaneous. To light events where the practical becomes a requirement and brevity becomes a cult.

We now live in an era marked by changes in mentality, which occur because of the fatigue. That waiting brings with it and also the desire to see the proposals that we ourselves make come true.

The new thoughts are established with the aim of developing in. A world suitable for relationships that are consistent with the need to create. Communication formats that in turn encompass the current interest in the immediate.


For times in a hurry: brevity

Today, brevity seems to be a format adopted by communication. However, even if it is, it has also become part of the ideological position that has been established in the human intellect in this new century.

Perhaps there is a stigma against brevity. Well, it tends to be associated with laxity, but it should not necessarily be understood as such. Brevity is rather a way of interpreting life. It is to last as little as possible in the UK Phone Number development of an activity, without neglecting relevance and quality, in order to have enough time to carry out other tasks, which often must be carried out simultaneously.

It happens that the world, as it is happening, really does need brief moments, fleeting but very precise times that mark a constant and significant advance.

In view of the needs of the world, the whole man had to adopt this new mentality to act. To the point of considering brevity as the precise method to satisfy his training needs in the short time that is granted.

Once the new way of thinking was established, tools were required to help it as soon as possible, to spread and strengthen itself as the current predominant ideology.

Therefore, narrative techniques such as the micro story emerged :

Quick forms full of creativity to tell situations, which later became the fundamental basis for the creation of technological tools, as well as microblogging.

What is Microblogging?

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Microblogging, as its name implies, is nothing more than disseminating information. That exists in a blog in a fairly reduced way, merging social networks with traditional blogs.

This information can generally be disclosed in formats between 120 and 280 characters. Through various means and can be combined with images, videos or links.

The best-known tool for microblogging is the Twitter platform. Which previously only allowed the publication of a topic in a maximum of 144 characters and now allows posts of up to 280 characters.

This new form of expression arises with the need for faster communication. Where the writer has the need to communicate something in a few words and the reader wants to give a brushstroke on various issues. The immediacy that abounds in our time floods all sectors and this could not be different.


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