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Eleven years ago, Ou Peng stepped into the education and training industry with a relatively low threshold with 20,000 yuan and set up Suntech Institution. Eleven years later, Suntech’s annual revenue has reached 400 million yuan. Prior to this, except for the overwhelming advertisements in the subway that “learning is a form of belief”, it was rare to see Openg willing to appear in Macedonia Mobile Number public. “One of the concepts I adhere to is the law of the dark forest. Don’t come out until you are very strong. Once you come out, you will be seen by many people, you will be PKed, imitated, and you will lose your advantage. One of our business strategies is: infinite hiding. myself.” In an interview with iDark Horse before, Openg refused to disclose any operating figures.

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Now Oupeng is obviously a lot more relaxed. Unlike before, who called the rise of Suntech “the history of iron and blood”, Oupeng told i Dark Horse: “I need to be a little gentler and softer now.” – This may be due to Oupeng’s opinion on Confidence in Suntech’s existing system. Oppen has never hidden his love of conflict and struggle. Since its first day, Suntech has been in conflict. “I never Macedonia Mobile Number believe in harmony. If there is a conflict, you can let it happen, and then confirm it after it occurs, or release it internally.” According to Suntech employees, except for holidays, Openg works almost seven days a week, nine to twelve. Conflicts aren’t just internal. In 2010, Openg decided to invest tens of millions to set up Hixue.

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“The revolution of the Internet to many industries is irreversible. We think that online education should become popular in two or three years.” As a result, Suntech launched Hixue.com in 2010 and took a great risk – using Suntech’s cash flow to support Hixue.com. If financing is not in place, there will be problems with the capital chain. If you’re overusing personal pronouns, try mixing Macedonia Mobile Number them up with the actual people you’re referring to. Instead of we, say Julie and I, or WordPress users. Instead of this, use the actual word you’re referring to. In addition, mix up your transition words: don’t just use but, use however and though as alternatives, for example. Behind the “Dark Forest”, Ou Peng restored Suntech’s growth history and thinking about transforming online education to i Dark Horse. Conflict and Transformation When Suntech was founded in 2003,

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