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Whether you have a company website, a blog, or an (online) store, chances are you’ve got a lot to do. You’re probably busy with leading your company, blogging, or making your customers happy with the goods they need. SEO might not be top of mind at all times. Yet, you also know that higher rankings would most likely benefit your business. So, how to do SEO in an efficient way? Here, we will give you some tips on how to save time in SEO!

Disclaimer: it’s a known fact that SEO also stands for South Korea Mobile Number Seriously Effortful Optimization, so you won’t get to the top just by doing quick fixes. You should focus on stuff that really matters (creating exceptionally good content, making your site fast, and providing the best user experience, i.e. doing holistic SEO). So, probably the biggest time saver is choosing the right SEO tools to help you perform these tasks.

Improve existing content

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Are you considering writing yet another post on topic X? Think twice.  Before you start writing something new, always check which posts you already have on this topic. Do you find something similar that you’ve written two or three years ago? Instead of writing a brand new post, you can refresh the existing post. Add new insights, add a hook to current news, improve the quality and perhaps even merge it with another post on the same topic on your site.

This is beneficial in more than one way:

  • It will prevent keyword cannibalization: if you have multiple, very similar posts on the same topic, your rankings for that query can deteriorate.
  • You’ve got rid of that old article and you’ll show users the best and most updated content. This serves both your users and Google!
  • And of course, you’ll save time by reusing content. In most cases, rewriting and updating content takes less time than writing something from scratch.

If you want to refresh your content in a smart way that really benefits your SEO, you should definitely check out our blog post on how to update your content in 10 steps. A tool that saves time in the updating process is Duplicate Post. With this free plugin, you can duplicate an existing post and easily rewrite it as a draft. When it’s ready, you can just hit ‘republish’ (or schedule) it. No more copying and pasting or inconveniently working in docs!

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