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Note: Since many small partners on the scene are still in the stage of operating the official account or preparing to operate the official account, Uncle Miao suggested that the official account should have at least seven to eight historical records before promoting it. 3) Make sure that the product is mature enough and needs a certain popularity. Some people think that as long Costa Rica Mobile Number as there is word of mouth, there is no need to spread it. This is a very big misunderstanding. So when you see that the ratio of good to bad reviews in user reviews is 7:3 or 8:2, when you communicate with users, when everyone has a relatively positive attitude, you should prepare better stories and promote them. . 4) When seeking financing or someone is going to invest in your product.

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This is a new trend in the last two years. Note: Uncle Miao reminded that it is difficult to obtain high valuations for media product financing, although we seem to be very good at telling stories. 3. There are four main methods: the emotion method, the demand method, the Costa Rica Mobile Number derivative method, and the accidental method. 1) Now the most common and the Chinese people are most obsessed with is the feeling method or the dream method.

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When Lei Jun started his second business, he talked about waking up from a dream. At that time, he was 42 years Costa Rica Mobile Number old. He had been the CEO of China’s largest software company for more than ten years, and he had done several listed companies. At this time, everyone asked him why he was still struggling? Oh, it turns out you were waking up from a dream. Obviously he is more suitable. Therefore, many people say that dreams are actually easy to be hacked by others. Last year, some people talked about their dreams. No matter Huang Taiji or Ma Jiajia, everyone knows what is going on now. Unless you have a story that is beyond the voice of so-and-so.

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