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In Inscape, there are many first-time entrepreneurs like Tim. They are serious, diligent, and persistent, but generally lack experience in Internet entrepreneurship. He went to various chain stores of Gome in Beijing and the flagship store in Beitaipingzhuang countless times. Sometimes he would buy some electrical appliances, and sometimes he would just wander around the store, haggling with the sales staff, asking all kinds of questions: purchasing channels, distribution, etc. At that time, Gome already had more than 20 stores in Beijing. In May, Gome opened 13 stores across the country at once. Liu Qiangdong was impressed by the speed of chain store expansion.

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These “chores” often slow down the process of starting a business. Even founders with three heads and six arms, high energy, and mastery of everything, can be distracted and unable to really focus on the product itself. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, there needs to be a co-founder who can really help them handle these urgent and important things, so that entrepreneurs can really return Hungary Mobile Number to the core product development. InnoSpace is playing the role of this Co-founder. In the 16-week Inscape Entrepreneurship Training Camp, InnoSpace will not only help entrepreneurial projects deal with chores such as company registration, policy declaration, finance, legal management, etc.

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Provides 6 months of free office space to help them save startup costs; helps entrepreneurs sort out market positioning and establish business Model to clarify entrepreneurial direction; recruit early Hungary Mobile Number core entrepreneurial members through effective channels; help connect entrepreneurial mentors and conduct one-on-one counseling; jointly help entrepreneurs to test and iterate products; Docking financing… Finally, InnoSpace will invite hundreds of investment institutions, dozens of media, entrepreneurial mentors, and industry experts to participate in the project roadshow day (DemoDay) to help entrepreneurs promote their products as much as possible and achieve the next round of financing. .

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