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Additionally, In this discussion, mark talks about the winds of change. Influencer strategy, and how blackberry engages with their customers. Q: blackberry has undergone significant changes over the past few years. Walk me through this transition. As a challenger brand, we have found ways to connect with customers and future customers in different and bold ways. To get industry attention. Blackberry has made a fundamental change from smartphones to mobile software. We asked, “how do we best let the market know?” this change so significant that we couldn’t communicate it through programs or blogs. Our ceo, john chen, met with .Our customers, partners, and employees. Not only did we get john exposure in live events, including tv, we needed to provide. Additionally, Fresh content on social media, particularly youtube.To provide a drumbeat to our audience. John explained why we were pivoting to secure enterprise software.

This effort to uniquely connect with the market

Additionally, has amplified our brand and provided customers with a compelling experience. Q: How has your engagement strategy pivoted? Blackberry has always been known for our place in the enterprise. As we evolve, we want to continue to capitalize on that strength. Online communities have been an excellent means to promote Blackberry. For instance, our  LinkedIn group, Blackberry for Business, not only has grown to almost 16,000 members Ghana Phone Number but was recognized several years ago for the high number and quality of conversations taking place there. Users are looking  for trustworthy sources to learn from and explore.

As we identified key markets for ourselves,

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Additionally,It became important to become involved in industry conversations. Whether in online industry communities, events, or through .Other thought leaders, participating in these conversations .Gave us the opportunity to both convey our message and .Have the learning opportunities for both market trends and user needs. Influencers, such as industry analysts, have been critical .To delivering the message of our software shift. Analysts provide a trusted source for our potential customers. It managers, cios, chief security officers, and more. Analysts are inundated with vendors vying for their support. To cut through the clutter, analysts appreciate a credible. Easy to understand story. When john and the new executive team arrived, we realized that as a turnaround. Blackberry needed to pivot from the smartphone market. The gravity pulling the company

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