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Liu Qiangdong didn’t think so, “If you can build 1,000 chain stores, of course, it will be very  valuable. Similarly, if you can build an online retail company like Dabs and Amazon, it will definitely be very valuable. But I have developed a habit of thinking Pakistan Mobile Number since I was a child. We are so small, we must  concentrate all resources on one point in traditional order to gain some competitiveness. For example, you may write about complex, specialist topics for a specific, more knowledgeable audience. Or, perhaps you are an academic, blogging about your research?

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The concept of “fans” originally originated from artistic products, and achieved the goal of high-profit marketing by stimulating fans’ emotional “love”; love is to unconditionally accommodate everything; real fans (commonly known as brain-damaged fans) will not consider price, Rational concepts such as indicators. Among industrial commodities, only traditional luxury brands can count Pakistan Mobile Number on the fan economy through their traditional artistic design and perfect service system. And this seems to be irrelevant to O2O big data.

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O2O should be like this O2O is definitely not a simple eye-catching marketing in the PC era, and it is definitely not a matter of how many fans the WeChat official account has accumulated to send messages even if it is successful. The logic of traditional e-commerce will fail traditional and die in the era of mobile internet. Mobile Internet is not a simple upgrade of PC Internet, but a new revolution. When traditional Internet people preach the slogan “Internet thinking” every day, they should also change Pakistan Mobile Number their thinking and strengthen their studies. Stop teaching someone who is eager to learn how to ride a motorcycle with your cycling skills.

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