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Ask Today SEO questions are about the most common challenges in website optimization and migration. Migration and noise can be daunting and intimidating but they are often necessary. They can also be a great benefit to your website if done right. The question comes from Merrill in Portland. Who wrote in I have two platforms for a narrow and narrow. Audience similar to WordPress each with years. Of history and consistent traffic. One has about 2,000 views per month; the other 500. One site started out as a home for podcasts. There are now over 700 and the other is a blog and links to a store. Since these two sites are designed for the same audience. I don’t think it makes sense to continue this fragmented system. I’m thinking of creating a new platform and putting content  from both.

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An LMS like Kaaba to host podcasts, blogs, email lists sales etc. credit for traffic flow and page views. I hope this will improve my overall rankings. What are the top 3 elements I should focus on when I consider this migration? I’ll take off the SEO Senegal Phone Number hat for a minute and tell. You that the first thing you should consider. When making this migration is your employer. Does it make sense to them from. What you’ve written, it seems like the average. User expects to see all of this content on one platform. So I leave that as a great driver. From an SEO standpoint. We can help you get the most credit or authority with a variety of solutions. So it’s important to make sure we’re doing it for the right user reasons.

I Don’t Know What Your Domain Names Are

Senegal Phone Number
Senegal Phone Number

Or if they make sense but if I do I’m thinking of keeping one. Moving to a third platform won’t really hurt. Your SEO in the long run it may take a while to start. But it will be good in the long run but there may be some. Unexpected issues if it’s a new platform, you need to find. Out who owned the old one and what kind of content was there. The platform may have been used for spam in the past or something else that could endanger your business today. Whatever platform you choose to host them all, there are two things to keep in mind as you begin the migration and consolidation.

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