What is hosting and what is it for?

With this article i would like to answer your questions. We are going to start with the most basic concepts and then we are going to delve into more complex ones and extra services that you may need.

Do not worry. I will try to explain myself in Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers a very simple way so that the instructions are clear. Go for it!

Article with updated content in 2022

Think about the folders and files you store on your computer and how these are stored on your computer’s hard drive so they are always accessible. A website is much like a text document: it needs a computer to store it on. The difference is that the computer where you store your website must always be on. If you want it to be available whenever you want to access it.

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Unlike the computer that we may have at home. To serve a website we need a machine that is connected to the internet through a network that has a higher bandwidth than typical home connections. And above all that it is fully operational 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. These machines or computers are what we know as

what is hosting?

Are you thinking of starting your own website or making the leap to more powerful hosting? Surely many questions will come to you related to the services that you will need. What is hosting? What types of hosting exist? Which is the most appropriate for me: web hosting. A vps or maybe i need a dedicated server? Do i need an ssl certificate for my website? Why?


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