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The snippet steals clicks from the #1 spot because it overtly offers the information the user needs. Ahrefs conducted a study and found that a normal ranking page n. #1 with no snippet above receives about 26% of all clicks. When a snippet is placed above the #1 spot, the #1 result only gets about 19.6% of all clicks. This shows that being a featured snippet can be more important than being #1. Conclusion So it turns out that more pages doesn’t mean better results.

And while you can have a ton of images on your website, that doesn’t mean it will help with your SEO unless they’re optimized – Blue Water Marketing can help with that! Google has many different variables that can affect the SEO of your websites. Check out our SEO page or give us a call for more information. The final part of the series is now available! Jay PartingtonBlue Water Hungary Phone Number MarketingStuart, FLIn part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss everything from popups to HTML elements. If you missed part 1, you can access it here. As I said earlier, Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. The most recent update occurred on August 1. Google has said more or less the same thing. Produce great content and your ranking will go up.

You Need to Add a Relevant File Name and Alt Text to It.

With that said, let’s dive into a few more myths about SEO. SEO Myth SEO Popup Vector Art #6: Popups will always hurt my search rankings As web designers, we emphasize making websites clean and easy to use for our visitors, but at the same time we want to generate leads for our clients.Pop-up forms placed on websites are the perfect tool for generating leads. According to SumoMe, “the average conversion rate for all popups is 3.09%.”

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So popups work, but the misuse of popups over the years has led to the question of whether or not marketers should be using them. We all know that pop-ups can be annoying. Even Google agrees. In August 2016, Google announced that it now penalizes websites that use “intrusive interstitials.” In simple terms, pop-up windows that block most of the main content of a website. The key word here is “intrusive”.

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Google doesn’t penalize all pop-ups; just pop-ups that affect the user’s ability to easily access content on mobile devices. Therefore, a popup that only blocks the top of the screen (a banner) will not be penalized. A pop-up that blocks the main content will be penalized. Popups, when used in a useful way, can be a vital part of generating leads. Make sure popups on your site offer relevant and valuable content to visitors looking at a particular page.

Make sure your popups don’t sacrifice your users’ experience and don’t hurt your SERPs. SEO Myth #7: Keyword Optimization is the Key to SEO Scrabble Keywords When search engines were first created, it was important to write your content with exact matches to your keyword. No longer. Google now uses Rankbrain, a learning algorithm from I, “RankBrain is a component of Google’s core algorithm that uses machine learning (the ability of machines to learn themselves from data input) to determine results most relevant to search engine queries.

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