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Would you like to refine your proposition? For Tunisia Phone Number example, take these 4 elements into account. Is it clear? Are you credible? How exclusive is your product? And how attractive? How can you strengthen your value proposition? According to MECLABS, 4 elements play a role in value proposition: Crdibility Exclusivity clarity attraction Would Tunisia Phone Number you like to refine your proposition? For example, take these 4 elements into account. Is it clear? Are you crdible? How exclusive is your product? And how attractive? Incentive & friction My take: MECLABS is a bit vague. How much should you put into it and how much do you expect Tunisia Phone Number it to bring you? An important update is that Google no longer seems to be hesitant with the number of CTAs that are allowd in your Story.

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The idea that Web Stories should also be able Tunisia Phone Number to generate money has apparently taken root. This has providd room for multiple CTAs through AdSense, Ad Manager, display ads and affiliate links. However, as with most channels, Web Stories must also be precisely tailord here. There are now several tools for this. WordPress even has a built-in plugin! Web Stories: how? Are you ready to dive in? Hidde already includd useful guidelines Tunisia Phone Number and SEO tips for creating Web Stories in his aforementiond article . Be sure to check this one out if you feel like experimenting with it. And, which of you has already made the decision and is going to start working on it? Be sure to share your first Stories, or experiments below! A strong online Tunisia Phone Number position Google Web Stories is one of the ways to improve your online findability.

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East framework EAST Framework (source: bi.team) 2. EAST Framework The EAST Framework is a model developed by the Behavioral Insights Tunisia Phone Number Team from Great Britain. The framework consists of the following 4 factors: easy attractive Timely social easy Use elements that make it easy for users. This is possible, for example, by Tunisia Phone Number using ‘defaults. Offering your user a standard option/choice. Or fewer fields in your form so that the form becomes shorter. attractive For example, attract attention with images Tunisia Phone Number and use of colors. social For example, use social proof .

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