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But then I found out that it was wrong. There are more and more meetings of this kind, and the names are getting taller and taller, but the things that are said will always be the same. 3. There are more and more WeChat groups in the industry Hundreds of people, thousands of people. Wander around, most of the people are those people, and the people Japan Phone Number who are always talking are those people, maybe like all WeChat groups. In fact, the fact that you spend every day in these groups and blending with people should not have actual value, and the important information will pass by swiping the screen. Fourth, the money is getting more and more (say it is about to start harvesting?) Many online education projects have started to get round A and round B, and the valuation has started to reach hundreds of millions.

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In fact, I really don’t understand the truth of investing, but some people have made this a baton, thinking that as long as it can be passed on to the next baton, the money invested can be multiplied several times. So, the story can be told Japan Phone Number a bit bigger. 5. It is lively in the circle, and it is the same outside the circle (you can learn online, did your mother make it?) False fire and prosperity are in the circle. Look at the people around you. There are still very few people who have online learning. It is still so difficult to enter primary and junior high schools.

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Still hard to find. It’s time to reflect on what to do 1. Independent thinking Whether it is a model or a system, it is never analyzed and spoken, but only by doing. Don’t be superstitious about what “Internet thinking” is, it is just summed up after a Japan Phone Number few successful cases. To be a person with independent thinking, listening to the story and copying it will “die”. 2. Starting from the user If it is a To C product or platform. The most important thing is to meet the needs of users. Where the needs of users are, you must do it. Don’t worry about what is “emphasis on education” and what is “light on learning”. The problem of education is not something that everyone can solve in such a few years.

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