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A pop-up menu will appear showing all the keywords ranked for any domain or web page that was searched. You will also be able to see what organic search position those keywords rank for. You can then sort the data by position, search volume, CPC, etc. It will also show you which URLs rank for those specific keywords. The second way to view your competitor’s keywords is within the Keyword Research section of our keyword tool. You can change the dropdown menu that shows the search type to the “Competitive Keywords” option.

Competitors-keywords What this feature will do is go out and find keywords that your competitors are already ranking in the top 100 of Google search results. It will also only return keywords that have search volume. Keywords that do not have search volume will not be included, as they do not have much value. The benefit of searching the Keyword Research page is that you Cyprus Mobile Number can then easily check keyword difficulty and SEO competition for any of the keywords, one at a time or together. Giving you a way to do your competitor’s keyword analysis in one place. This makes finding some easy-to-rank-for keywords a breeze.

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A third way you can access this data is by using our Competitor Gap Tool to compare different competitors and find common keywords that their sites rank for and your site doesn’t rank for. Simply enter which competitor domains you want to compare in the search boxes on the left and your domain in the search box on the right. This is an incredibly useful tool. If you want to see more details about this feature, you can read about it here: Competitor Gap Feature Overview

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Find hidden gem keywords Now let’s talk about why being able to spy on your competitor’s keywords is such a powerful feature. Knowing what keywords your competitors rank for is a great way to brainstorm and find other keywords you should target. No matter how much keyword research you do, you will never discover all the hidden gem keywords out there. So why not use your competitors to help you? There is nothing wrong with having inside information on great keywords.

Although This Guide Is Made for Beginners,

You’ll be amazed at the number of keywords and topics you may have never thought of that your competitors are already generating traffic for. This can also open your eyes to smaller niches within your niche that you didn’t even know existed. It gives you a window into what’s possible for your site, which is a great way to start expanding on the topics you’re targeting and get even more ideas.

Giving Google what it wantsThese keywords are also often highly relevant to your niche. It’s like having a direct line to the Google search engine algorithm. If these are keywords that your competitors (who are already ranking well on Google) are also ranking for, then this gives you an idea of ​​the type of content that Google is looking for within this niche.So by adding more content targeted to these keywords, you will not only have the opportunity to drive more traffic, but you will also give Google what it wants. Doing this will always help your site tremendously in the long run. Not only because of these new targeted keywords, but also because of their site authority, which helps boost all of their rankings. These are basically low-hanging fruit keywords that Google is begging you to take!

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