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Not to mention the variety of Android-based devices on display at CES, including LG’s roll-up phone, Polaroid’s physical Instagram camera, PCs and tablets experimenting with Chrome and Windows We’ve lost count of the number of people who have ignored our advice because they are “writing for a sophisticated audience”. It doesn’t matter. Clear and Changsha Mobile Phone Number concise writing benefits everyone. E-commerce is undoubtedly the most potential of all vertical fields, with massive users and huge platform value.

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Under the starting point of consolidating the “start page” strategy, e-commerce is an inevitable field for Baidu. This is not only one more reason for users to stay in Baidu, but also maintains or enhances its advertising value in the long run. Key factor. The same is the case in Changsha Mobile Phone Number the United States. We can see that after Amazon surpassed Google to become the first online shopping portal, Google has made frequent moves and is under great pressure. Therefore, I think that for Baidu, there is no question of whether to do e-commerce, but how to do it. The e-commerce road of repeated defeats

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It was not too late for Baidu to enter the field of e-commerce. At that time, Taobao had just defeated eBay and became a platform, and Robin Li also found Changsha Mobile Phone Number that a large part of search keywords were related to e-commerce, so Baidu decided to set foot in e-commerce with great fanfare. In October 2007, Baidu established an e-commerce division and announced its entry into e-commerce with a high profile. will enter the car through the Android operating system and corresponding Internet services. Another possibility is that Google announced in its official blog yesterday that it would acquire

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