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Updates More emphasis on duplicate content, plagiarism, user-generated spam, poor user experience. Thin content, keyword stuffing. Be Safe To avoid being penalized by Google, use a website crawler to check for keyword density, thin content, and duplicate content. You can use Power uite website reviewer, plagiarism checker (like Copy c pe etc). . Penguin – Year Month Day Image Credit: Google The next major update after Panda is the Penguin algorithm update. The purpose of the Penguin update is to remove the rankings of sites whose links

appear to be manipulative. Similarly, .Use manipulative linking tactics to find unnatural link profiles that spam search results. In 2018, Penguin became part of Google’s core ranking algorithm that runs in real time. It ensures that sanctions are now implemented faster and take less time UK phone number database list to recover. Put more emphasis on paid links, unwanted or irrelevant links, over-optimized anchor text, and links from sites created specifically for link building. Similarly, Stay Safe Use the pyGl Backlink Checker to conduct regular audits of your website. You can also check the risk of fines. Let me tell you, Google doesn’t penalize you for having or spammy links on

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your site, but suddenly a lot of irrelevant backlinks can be a problem. Additionally, you can request that spam links be removed from the site. Hummingbird – Annual Monthly Image Source: Another algorithm update released by Google Festival is a hummingbird. The main focus of the update is to better explain search queries and deliver results that match searcher intent. Hummingbird’s specialty is that it can rank the page for a query, even if it doesn’t contain the exact word a search engine typed.

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Hummingbird has also optimized the use of synonyms. So instead of showing exact keyword matches, Google shows more topic-related results in the ERP that don’t necessarily include the query keyword in their content. For the Hummingbird update, Google said the new algorithm affects about % of searches worldwide. Greater emphasis on keyword stuffing, exact match keyword targeting, and low-quality content. Be Safe To improve your website rankings, you need to develop keywords for your content. Don’t use synonyms for keywords and concurrency terms. You’ll find all hummingbird-friendly keywords in Power uite’s R nk Tr

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cker keyword research module. .Dove: Year Month Day (US) and Year Month Day (UK, Canada, Australia) Image Credit: Google Pigeon Algorithm Update was released on Year Month Day in the US, and another update was released on Year Month Day in the UK, Canada, and Australia. The update focuses on on-page and off-page quality. According to Google, Pigeon creates a tighter connection between the local algorithm and the core algorithm, which means that the same factors are now used to rank Google’s local and non-local results. The key factors Pigeon Upd te uses to rank results are location and distance. Greater emphasis on

poor on-page and off-page, inconsistent NP, poor page optimization, lack of citations in local directories, and irrelevant My Business page settings. Be Safe Invest in On-p ge and Off-p ge. You can use the Website Auditor tool to run analytics on your pages. Optimize your pages properly. Additionally, you can analyze off-page listings on related business directories. Using this method, your website will rank higher in the ERP. Google Mobile Friendly Update: Annual Monthly Source: Google Mobile Friendly is updated on the year of the month.

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