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However, it offers marketing solutions to small businesses that have the potential to grow. The features of Rebrandly are: Link Management provides QR codes, quick redirects and custom URL shorteners to improve the user experience. Traffic routing: SEO 301 redirects, link retargeting and deep linking for easy access by users from any device. Analyze the UTM builder, marketing campaigns, and audience reach. Prices: Basic free plan: Clicks per month 5000 Individual starter plan: $29 per month 4. short Shorby is not just a normal URL shortener. It has advantage in customizing the link for Instagram. It is designed with the “link in bio” rule. Instagram users put backlinks in the bio; most of them are short links that can be easily clicked.

Whether it’s a link to a blog post, a YouTube video, or a podcast. Shorby URL features are: Connectivity: allows you to integrate other platforms and provides data about the connection you made. Shorby allows you to Nigeria Phone Number connect to applications such as Messenger, Skype, Facebook and others. Custom domain: Shorby is a custom URL shortener. Also, you can create custom landing pages with a custom domain name. best-url-shortner-shorby The image shows Shorby’s link shortening page. Similarly, Shows how to shorten URLs and integrate social links. Prices: Shorby pricing starts at $15 per month. It has four different plans that go all the way up to $29 per month.

These Are the Best Url Shorteners to Use

5. Most URL shorteners give you information about the target user, but this URL shortener goes further to help you own the market. This URL shortener helps to personalize the link for targeted visitors. It allows you to create different links for different devices and locations. So if you want to target visitors in the United States and Canada and have them see the correct dollar rate while visiting your product site, make sure people can do it. Some of the features of are: Analyzing the links and data in real time. is for big companies. Analyze the traffic of the route.

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With this, you have data on link retargeting, geo-location, and traffic tracking for different pages. best-url-shortner-to-use Prices: The free plan offers 1,000 branded links and 50,000 tracked links. You can also get device targeting feature. The personal plan starts at $20/month for 10,000 brand links and geo-targeting for premium service. 6. is a free URL shortener. You can copy the long URL and put it in the dialog to cut the URL suffix. However, it does not come with the benefit of analytics. On the other hand easy, simple and fast. You can customize the suffix with In addition, you can also edit the custom encoded suffix. You can generate custom links and you can embed the keyword in the links.

These Free Shorteners Are Great for Brands.

This helps you track traffic and analyze the organic result of the keyword. It not only shortens the link, but also produces a URL link that you can edit. best-tool-for-url-shortening This is the home page oIt shows how to shorten the URL and where you should put the link address and suffix. After that, it shortens the link in seconds. Prices It is a free link shortener. 7. is another easy to use URL shortener. has a variety of features that allow you to shorten the link and create a better website. Tiny is built for results, and you can do A/B testing to track conversion rate. Shorter link performs better and checks which destination URL is better for ROI. url shortener not only helps to shorten the link but also helps to track the target audience and from which location or device the conversion was made.

In this way, you can optimize marketing and advertising in the right place. Some of the features of : You can easily create calls to action. Custom short link. Geotargeting, so you can segment your site based on country or state. Customer retargeting, convert the audience that visited your site on social networks. Link shortening can make the site vulnerable, but you can get a secure data vault with Prices: Offers a 14-day free trial. After that, there are three plans. Starter Plan: $19/month Growth . Shear is a 100% free URL shortener. It is one of the best marketing tools as it allows you to understand your link click-through rate. does not integrate with any other software or platform.

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