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You may even notice keywords that don’t generate much search volume, but show great traffic potential. Let’s take the keyword “how to potty train a dog”. Search volume is only 260, but it looks like there could still be a fair amount of potential traffic around this topic. It allows us to have even more information about the keywords we are targeting. For many of us, creating content takes time and money. We want to make sure that there is some light at the end of the tunnel or a possible victory in the future. Find competitor traffic This is one of my great favorites. Use our competitors to show us what we should aim for.

We have discussed this technique in previous blog posts. With traffic estimates, we can take this to another level. Instead of just identifying the keywords your competitors are ranking for, we can now get an idea of ​​which keywords are actually driving traffic. This can lead to a host of new Russia Phone Number List keyword and topic ideas. Let’s go back to the Keysearch Explorer tool and load the Cesar Millan website Next, let’s look at the keywords sorted by traffic. Cesar Millan is a big player in the dog training niche.

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I’m sure if I was more knowledgeable about the niche, I could narrow my competitor research to some websites that are not as big as this one. Either way, though the example remains the same. I can see there is a lot of potential traffic around topics like dogs with worms, dog ear infections, what are the smartest dog breeds, etc. These topics can now become future blog posts and content ideas. I can also try to eliminate smaller competitors. Take one or two top articles that you find are driving your traffic and create similar content on my own. It’s also fun to look for domains in your niche that are much less powerful than yours.

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Find out what is driving your traffic and create content around those topics . If a less powerful domain can rank and drive traffic, chances are you can too! final thoughts As I say with most features we release, the possibilities are endless. If you think outside the box, I’m sure you can find even cooler ways to use this data to your advantage. For our part, there is still much to improve. Please note that these are estimates only. As I said earlier, for our needs, estimates are really all we need. If our tool says your site gets 200 Google visitors per month and you actually get 2,000, chances are this is true for other sites as well.

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Everything is relative and can be extrapolated accordingly. We will adjust the traffic estimates over time to try to make things more accurate. One of the main causes of poor estimates is that Google uses close variants to calculate search volume. We’ll write a more detailed post about this in the future, but to make a quick summary, Google has been slowly combining search volumes for many keywords. Therefore, their search volumes have become less and less accurate in the last 2 years. Sometimes it is not accurate at all. If Google’s search volumes aren’t accurate, and that’s how we determine traffic, then there’s going to be trouble.

We’ve already started working on this issue and will gradually roll out more accurate search volumes for close variants, which should also help improve estimates. We hope you enjoy the new traffic estimation and analysis features. They should help give you an even bigger edge over your competitors. Be sure to try and combine some of these new ideas the next time you load up your Keysearch account. Happy keyword hunting!

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