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if our site targets keywords and topics that don’t drive traffic, or worse, targets keywords that are too competitive for us to rank for, then our efforts and time are wasted. This is why keyword research is extremely important! keyword research Keywords The backbone of SEO Now, the reason I wanted to go over keyword research before diving into the other aspects of the tutorial is that we’ll be referencing keywords in every step of our SEO process. When talking about backlinks. Keywords will be important in terms of how we want Google to see our page from external sources.

When it comes to content, keywords and topics will be important in how we develop content on our site to maximize our chances of ranking for specific phrases. Also, when we look at site optimization, keywords will be very important in where and how we include them, how they are used with internal Bahrain Phone Numbers and other tags throughout our site. So, in essence , keywords are the backbone of what SEO is all about. When people search for something, we want our site to appear for those search terms. Simple as that! find a niche Finding a niche for your website is where it all begins. Some of us have already decided on our niche.

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For example, I am the creator of an SEO tool, so my niche is SEO and I also dabble in internet marketing a bit. Maybe you have a clothing store or already have a travel blog. For us, we are going to use keyword research to work within our niche, since our niche is already decided. For those of you who are still deciding which website to create, there are a few different ways to go about it. find something you love If you are looking for a site that is constantly growing, something you can put your passion into, and something that will be a long-term asset, then this is of course the way to go.

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Working in a niche you love will always make certain aspects of the job more enjoyable. The downside to this is that the things you love may be in more difficult niches, niches with very little traffic, or niches that are hard to monetize. Find an easy niche that you can dominate This strategy may not be as personally satisfying as creating something in a niche you love, but it can be much more profitable and easier if you choose the right niche. With this strategy, you can find niches that are much less competitive and therefore have an easier time ranking for keywords that drive traffic.

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Since there is less competition, there are more opportunities for high rankings. The downside to this is that you may not really enjoy day in and day out a niche you’re not all that interested in. Find a long-term business Now, unlike the first 2 strategies, this one is a bit different. Maybe you worked in a clothing store and you think you can start a great website to sell clothes. You know the ins and outs, it may not be your passion and it may not be the easiest niche, but you know it like the back of your hand. Or maybe you have a hunch about something that you think will be great and you want to get involved now.

Whatever it is, there are many reasons why you might decide that simply finding the easiest niche or a niche within something you love isn’t right for you. Brainstorming for niches find-niche-ideas A great place to start is, of course, Keysearch’s niche idea generator, where you can brainstorm and read more about the different ways to find niche ideas. If you like affiliate marketing, maybe Offervault will help you get some ideas off the ground or just look around the house. Be creative is what I always say! Did it take you 20 seconds to sign in to your Keysearch account? If so, you will be able to access the brainstorming feature and also the keyword research tools that we will discuss below.

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