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Once you confirm your profile details. You can start selling products and the tool will take care of your fulfillment. how-to-use-customcat-design-library-print-on-demand upload-design-for-print-on-demand-customcat. Now all you have to do is upload. Your design and choose the product you want to place the design on, and you’re all set. The design tab shows that you can upload the transparent design in JPG, AI, SVG, PDF or PNG format. For this article, we have chosen this design as an example. CustomCat will also show you the product preview so you have. A complete idea of ​​what the design would look like on a given product.

customize-print-on-demand-design-customcat. This gives you complete decision-making control on whether to choose a particular product or not. If it doesn’t look right, you can still modify that particular product to make it suitable for the end consumer. From the dashboard, CustomCat Tunisia Phone Number also allows you to choose the color scheme of the product and gives shoppers more purchasing options. CustomCat supports all popular and vibrant colors. That limit purchasing options for customers.

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Along with that, you can also choose the printing technology that you want to use for that particular product. CustomCat supports: Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. This is a garment printing process in which ink is glued directly onto the garment using technologically advanced computers and printers. That ensure the highest accuracy in graphics. Regardless of hue and saturation, direct-to-garment printing color matching is quickly achieved with DTG. DTG printing is the most relevant to the POD business model as it allows people who don’t want to print anything in advance and stock thousands of products in their warehouse. Instead, they want to print as orders come in, which improves the company’s operational efficiency.

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Embroidery: In embroidery, we have threads that replicate a design with the help of comprehensive and advanced computer technology. There is a needle that precisely stitches the design with maximum precision and high quality guarantee. This type of decoration lasts longer than DTG but limits color options. Embroidery only supports 16 colors. Dye sublimation is considered an effective printing option for plastic, fabric and paper materials. It is used in digital printing with the help of heat to transfer the dye to the materials. Dye-sublimation is used on face masks, tumblers, blankets, wall art, bags, and dozens of other items. So, this is how CustomCat works. It has a very easy to use dashboard to upload designs, manage orders and scale the business. Let us understand its pros and cons to better understand the platform.

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Pros and cons of using CustomCat Every product comes with two sides: pros and cons. Depending on your business goals and requirements, you have to decide and choose whether you want to go ahead with the product or not. As far as CustomCat is concerned, let us have a detailed understanding of its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll never run out of options to sell unique, high-quality products to specific demographics with CustomCat.

As a POD dropshipping store owner, most of your time will be spent researching products and finding wholesalers who can deliver those products to targeted customers quickly. pros-cons-customcat-review First, it requires a significant amount of hard work and time to find the right products that are not only profitable but have less competition. Then you need to connect with fulfillment providers who can take care of logistics and delivery at an affordable cost. Easier said than done. Because even after hours of research, the product you choose to dropship from POD may not have quality sellers in your preferred location. But with CustomCat, you’ll never run out of ideas to print your design.

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